World Vapor Expo is Coming to Miami

World Vapor Expo Coming to Miami Beach

Convention season is here.

Up next is the World Vapor Expo, scheduled for June 10,11 and 12. The event will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center located in South Beach. Hundreds of companies, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, consumers and many more from around the globe will be under one roof!!

Don’t miss out on the iconic World Vapor Expo 2016 Industry Showcase! Take a look at the last few years of Exhibitors Listings. See your favorite brand at this year’s World Vapor Expo! #WVE2016


What to Expect at World Vapor Expo

The World Vapor Expo is a convention you don’t want to miss! This year, vapors will gather at the Miami Beach Convention Center. All of your favorite brands will be on site and available for sampling and purchase. Plus you will hear from some of the industry’s greatest watchdogs as they brief vapors on their rights and current regulatory standards.

This event is unique in that it focuses on B2B as well as B2C shops and retailers. So the local vapor shop that sells directly to customers can learn right alongside wholesale juice manufacturers and third party vendors.

Topics of Discussion and Public Learning Classes

  • WVE2016 B2B Sponsored by the Vapor Industry Online Business-to-Business Trade Show SHOP GLOBAL VAPOR
  • Sensory Solution Seminar in ROOM 110 FRIDAY 3:15pm SATURDAY 12pm
  • E-Liquid Safety Discussions
  • Regulatory & Government Relations Discussions
  • Advocacy and Activism Support Speaker Sessions by Vaping Militia, SFATA, FSFA & more
  • Opening Vapor Shops and Franchises

Schedule of Speakers


  • Paul Blair – Americans for Tax Reform @ 12pm
  • Jason Henshaw – Vapor Shark @ 1pm
  • Marc Brucker – Sensory Solution @ 2pm
  • Mark Evans Jr. – Shop Global Vapor @ 4pm
  • Jordan D’Alessio – Florida Smoke Free Association @ 5pm


  • Paul Blair – Americans for Tax Reform @ 10am
  • Warren Copper – Filamatic @ 11am
  • Joe Barnett – Vaping Militia @ 1pm
  • Mark Evans Jr. – Shop Global Vapor @ 2pm
  • Jason Henshaw – Vapor Shark @ 3pm
  • Jordan D’Alessio – Florida Smoke Free Association @ 4pm

Goals of the Conference

World Vapor Expo is a hybrid B2B & B2C electronic cigarette conference, the largest and first of it’s kind. Must be 18 years or older to attend.

Friday is set aside for Business-to-Business where WVE16 Exhibitors and attendee’s with Vendor’s Badges will network and conduct business with other industry professionals from around the globe.

Saturday  & Sunday are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Now’s your chance to come find out about the newest and best products, sample flavors of e-liquid from around the globe and get a great deal on a vaporizer!

Authorized World Vapor Expo Vendor’swill be showcasing their Latest and greatest assortments of Vaporizers, Tanks, Hybrids & Mods, Accessories & E-Liquid’s from around the world!

Contact Information & Tickets

If you wish to be a World Vapor Expo 2016 speaker or have a topic of discussion and want to be heard please email

If you are in the S. Florida area or if you plan to travel to the conference, you will need a ticket to attend the event. All tickets can be bought online.


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