Washington State May Require Labels on Juice Bottles

Labels have been a hot topic in the vape world for some time. It has often been debated and speculated as to what should be put on the labels, and what the procedure behind ingredient regulation should be.

Washington state may be the first to truly put some momentum behind that statement, for public officials have proposed a new state law enforcing labeling. This law has also made it more difficult for people to buy vaping products.

Most vendors and distributors in the vape world have not had a problem with these regulations. It is only common sense that juice products would eventually have to label nicotine levels, ingredients and some health warnings. However, this new law is creating a fuss for one big reason.

These laws are requiring that vape stores get a license to sell the product.

These licensing fees would pay for undercover underage enforcement.

There are many other stipulations but the big problem remains the tax code. Most law makers are trying to tax vape stores like cigarettes. This would be unacceptable considering the vaping is the alternative to cigarettes.

Watch the video below for more details.


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