Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking Any Day Of The Week!

Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking Any Day Of The Week!
Most people are pretty clear that smoking cigarettes is unhealthy. This is a no-brainer, but the reality is that people continue to choose to smoke. Looking for alternatives in the past was disappointing. You had chewing tobacco, which in addition to being messy, has some pretty nasty risk factors. Patches and gum are fine if you are trying to quit, but they don’t do it for many people. A cigarette alternative was needed, and fortunately, it’s arrived.

Vaping is that alternative. While it has become popular, there are plenty of critics. This is normal of course — everything has its critics. The disturbing part, though, is that there are some who believe that smoking cigarettes is better than vaping, perhaps because it’s simply more known.

Vaping is an alternative that makes sense, and it is better than smoking, period.
How Is Vaping Better?
Let’s cut right to it: The ingredients. Vaping critics like to point to lack of research and the unknown to scare people off. You’ll hear a variety of claims, such as “We don’t know what’s in those things” and “Down the road, we’ll find out that vaping is actually worse than cigarettes.”

This is silly, because we know exactly what is in e-liquid. Here are the ingredients:

VG (vegetable glycerin)
PG (propylene glycol)
Pharmaceutical grade nicotine

That’s it. Compare this to cigarettes, which reportedly contain a whopping 600 ingredients, and when burned, create more than 7,000 chemicals. See the difference?

But what about all the bad things you have heard about propylene glycol? This ingredient is the same ingredient that is found in asthma inhalers, such as Albuterol. The ingredient is safe and has been established, as people have been using inhalers for years. And no, this is not the same ingredient found in antifreeze. That ingredient is diethylene glycol. Not the same thing.

As for the flavorings, they are simply food grade flavors, just as you would find in things like flavored lip gloss or candy or many other tasty things. Flavorings can also be made from natural ingredients.

Nicotine comes in several different strengths, from 36 milligrams down to 3. Most people start higher and work their way down to the lower strengths. Lower strength e-liquid tends to taste better, and people generally find it easy to step down to the reduced milligrams.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to establish that vaping isn’t as harmful as smoking an “analog” cigarette. When you figure that the added chemicals in cigarettes are largely responsible for smoking-related health issues, it’s easy to see that vaping simply isn’t as dangerous. By vaping, you are avoiding exposure to tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, acetone, formaldehyde and ammonia, just to name a few.
What Else Makes Vaping Better?
So we’ve covered a big reason: Ingredients. But what else is there? Well, if you are hoping to reduce your nicotine intake, vaping beats cigarettes. If you are a cigarette smoker hoping to reduce nicotine intake, your two alternatives are to smoke fewer cigarettes, or to smoke less of your cigarette. If you have tried this, you know just how effective this plan is.

With vaping, it’s actually pretty easy. You start at one nicotine strength, and after awhile, you move down to the next. You don’t have to cut anything or change your routine, you just lower your milligrams. Most people do this even when it’s not their goal. They simply prefer the taste of less nicotine.

A common starting point for most analog smokers switching over to vaping is 24 or 18 milligrams. From there, you may go down to 12, and then to 9, and so on. Some people will go down to three, and eventually just buy the zero milligram juice. Yes, this really happens. So if you are actually planning on reducing or quitting nicotine altogether, vaping is the ticket.
You Won’t Smell Bad, And Neither Will Your Car
Aside from the health impacts of smoking, there are other problems. A big one is the smell. Cigarette smoke stinks. Even people who smoke will concur that the smell of cigarettes is pretty unpleasant. Have you ever felt self-conscious when walking back into a room after a cigarette? Do you smoke in your car and then find yourself apologizing for the smell? Okay, maybe you aren’t sorry, but the reality is that you do smell. Your hair, clothes and hands smell like cigarettes.

Vaping produces no lingering smell. If you vape in your car, no one will smell it after the fact. It won’t stick to your hands, clothes or hair. The vapor dissipates and does not linger in the air. This means that secondhand vapor is minimal.
But Is It Cheaper?

It can be. Aside from your initial investment and occasional equipment replacements and upgrades, you’ll find that you spend less money. This is particularly true if you were smoking a pack or more a day. Yes, some people do spend a ton of money on vaping. That’s a choice though. You don’t have to spend a fortune on gadgets and expensive gear. You can keep it minimal and buy what you need.
Vaping Tastes Way Better
Let’s face it, one of the coolest things about vaping is enjoying all the amazing flavors out there. People who create and manufacture e-liquids take their craft seriously, and there are some truly delectable and unique flavors out there. If you are just switching, you may find yourself missing that tobacco taste and smoke, but that is short-lived. Not only that, but there are tobacco and menthol flavored juices that can help satisfy that tobacco craving. Branch out and experiment, try new flavors and find your favorites!

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